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February 2006

Providence Pencil Company
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Here is a selection of pencils made by Providence Pencil Company of Providence, Rhode Island. Providence merged with the Empire Pencil Company in 1946, and many of the Providence brands continued to be made under the Empire name. Please do not use images without permission.

Integrity 954 #2, hex with metal ferrule and eraser

Master, hex with metal ferrule and eraser

Narragansett 870 #2, hex with oversized ferrule and eraser. Narragansett is named for a town in Rhode Island.

Plast-O-Cap 871 #2, hex with oversized plastic rectangular ferrule and eraser

Trusty 860 #2, hex with metal ferrule and eraser

Trusty Deluxe 875 #2, hex, no ferrule with attached eraser. This model is found with various eraser styles.

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